Page County Employment Opportunity 10 January 2018, 18.19 Administrator Other Newz
Page County Employment Opportunity
We have another employment opportunity announcement for you. Page County is accepting applications for the position of Planning and Community Development
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Burger King in Shenandoah is Hiring 10 January 2018, 15.00 Administrator More Newz
Burger King in Shenandoah is Hiring
Burger King in Shenandoah slated to open soon!   Those interested can apply for jobs now
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Website Search Engine 07 January 2018, 13.25 Administrator Other Newz
Website Search Engine
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a very good search engine on our website. It searches not only in the title area but also searches in the
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Bernard Coffindaffer's Crosses 07 January 2018, 00.00 Administrator Other Newz
Bernard Coffindaffer's Crosses
Have you ever been driving down the highway and saw three crosses sitting in a field and wondered, who put them there and why?  They were put up by a man
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Whats New For Shenandoah in 2018? 04 January 2018, 19.30 Administrator Other Newz
Whats New For Shenandoah in 2018?
We hope everyone’s New Year has started off to a great start! You may have been wondering what changes  can we expect to see in Shenandoah for the New
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Exceptionally Cold Temperatures Lead to Higher Electricity Use 02 January 2018, 10.29 Administrator More Newz
Exceptionally Cold Temperatures Lead to Higher Electricity Use
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cold Weather Affects Electric Consumption: MT. CRAWFORD – Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) wants to make
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Results of Freezing Temperatures 31 December 2017, 14.48 Administrator Other Newz
Results of Freezing Temperatures
With the freezing temperatures we have had over the last few days, parts of the Shenandoah River & Big Gem pond have started to freeze over along with
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In Memory of Unis "Jack" Scott Rinaca Jr. 30 December 2017, 09.23 Administrator More Newz
In Memory of Unis
Mr. Rinaca is going to be very much missed in our community, but his leadership and participation in community service will never be forgotten. Unis
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Thank You Shenandoah Beautification Committee 24 December 2017, 08.23 Administrator More Newz
Thank You Shenandoah Beautification Committee
We want to personally thank the Shenandoah Beautification Committee for having their Christmas Dinner with us but more importantly than that we would like
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In Memory of Wayne L Comer 23 December 2017, 09.10 Administrator Other Newz
In Memory of Wayne L Comer
Former Shenandoah business owner and resident Wayne L. Comer will be sadly missed by our community.  In Memory of Wayne Luther Comer, March 5, 1952 -
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Snow in Big Gem Park 2017 10 December 2017, 15.02 Administrator Other Newz
Snow in Big Gem Park 2017
The snow on Saturday was just enough to cancel the Town of Shenandoah’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The snow didn’t stick around very
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Museum Committee meeting 07 November 2017, 16.04 Administrator More Newz
Museum Committee meeting
Notice from Museum Group Coordinator Russell Comer, Jr.:  Please be advised the Museum Action Group plans to meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 9th at
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